Please see COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for all on-campus classes, services, and visitors.

Working with you to promote a safe and secure learning environment.

The University Safety Department provides 24/7 security coverage for the New Castle, Wilson Graduate Center, Brandywine and Dover sites and Athletic Complex. 足球下注app Constables also work with a private security firm as well as State, County and municipal police agencies to protect each campus. All of the Wilmington University sites are access-controlled facilities, requiring students and staff to have an issued ID card to gain entry.

Help keep campus safe for everyone!

Four key points to remember:

  1. Each person MUST use their own ID for entry. It's not rude—it's safe.
    DO notify University Safety of individuals entering without a badge.
    DO NOT confront them on your own. Please see Identity Verification and ID Cards for more information.
  2. Ask Us, Tell Us: University Safety (US). Ask us when you need help or have questions. Tell us when something seems unsafe or out-of-the-ordinary.
  3. Dial 302-325-3333 for University Safety - save this number and use it for non-emergency situations on any 足球下注app Campus.
  4. Dial 911 for emergencies

Emergency Notifications & Alerts

Stay informed of emergencies, safety alerts, weather disruptions, and more.


University Safety Compliments/Concerns

Wilmington University Safety is dedicated to protecting our community and providing a safe learning environment. Let us know how we are doing by filling out our feedback form.